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Lunarpages Review

Lunarpages is a web hosting company that has been in business for over five years and offers both UNIX and Windows hosting plans. The Basic and Business plans are both UNIX hosted. The Basic which comes for $6.95 per month for the 24 month plan, $7.95 for the 12 month plan, $8.95 for the 6 month plan and $9.95 for the monthly plan. What is unique about this plan is that at that price you get 1500 GB Disk space and 15000 GB bandwidth. That is more than enough for most people. On the annual plans, the Setup fee of $30 is waived. You also get a free domain name for life. They also give you a 30 day Money Back Guarantee. They have recently come up with another unique feature in the Basic Plan; they are offering unlimited free add-on domains. That means you can host a number of websites using just one account.

The UNIX/Linux hosting works with the tried and tested Apache-PHP-MySql combination, which is perhaps the most used and reliable codebase. Ecommerce is supported through Shared SSL and a variety of shopping carts. There is an online Control Panel (cPanel, which is the most popular nowadays), It also offers Postgre SQL Database support, FrontPage Extensions and Dreamweaver compatibility. You can create your site in Dreamweaver and upload it directly to the server. Of course, as you are allowed unlimited FTP accounts, you may choose to upload your site through your FTP software. You also have scripting/CGI support by way of Ruby on Rails, Perl and Python. I have already mentioned PHP. They also allow Server Side Includes (SSI). There are a lot of fre website scripts available which offer you wikis, blogs, a guestbook and an Image Gallery.

Email is represented by POP3, IMAP and SMTP capability. Unlimited e-mail accounts, e-mail forwarding and email forwarders are allowed. There is also webmail, mailing lists, spam protection and catch-all address.

Other features are 99.9% uptime, 2000 mbit connectivity, tape backup and power generator. So you can be sure about your site staying up all the time. They also have 24×7 server monitoring.

As far as multimedia is concerned, they support all kinds of audio and video streaming media.

All in all, at its price this is a very good package.

The Business Hosting Plan is much the same, except that you have unlimited Disk storage space! For a 24 Month Plan it costs $21.95 per month, 12 months @ 22.95 per month, 6 months @ 23.95 per month, 1 month @ 24.95 per month . There is a $30 setup fee applicable for the latter two plans. The only other difference is that with the Business Hosting Plan, you can get a dedicated IP on request.

They also have a plan called LPQuicksite Hosting at $12.95 per month, where they guarantee to set up and running your website within 2 hours. There you only get 5 email accounts. With this plan, they also undertake to keep your website maintained and up to date. This is a hassle-free way to maintain a website.

Windows hosting is also available, but typically with Windows hosting, you get less of everything, while the rates are higher. This web hosting provider has a few pretty good plans, of which the Basic Hosting Plan is likely to prove sufficient for most people.

Price: 8

Reliability: 10

Tech Support: 10

User Experience: 9

Overall: 9

Price 8
Reliability 10
Support 10
Experience 9
Overall 9