Web Hosting Deals, Reviews and Tips

Reliable web hosting is very important as your website broadcasts your presence on the Web. This is particularly true in case of websites which expects a lot of traffic. The World Wide Web has banished all regional boundaries, and made the world a much smaller place. Your website is there for the entire world to see, no matter where you may be operation it from. This means it should be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Also, people surfing the web nowadays have very little patience in general. If they type the address of your website in the address bar of their web browser, or click a link to it, they expect to be taken there almost instantaneously. If that doesn’t happen, they will probably navigate away to another site, and unless your site is of vital importance to them, never come back. That is why you must have reliable web hosting.

Reliable web hosting implies hosting that works 24×7, and works well. If your site loads slowly it is as bad as the site not loading at all. Your web site may go down for various reasons. There may be a power outage, the server may go down, or there may not be sufficient bandwidth allocated. These are reasons why you should choose a web hosting provider that has proper power back up facilities such as UPS and Diesel Generator backup. If you have an ecommerce site, this is vitally important, as website failures mean loss in sales for you. Also, server failures have the same effect on your sales and customer satisfaction. Your web hosting provider must have redundant systems so that server failures do not affect your site. A cluster of load balanced servers is the best choice here as you are no longer dependent on the processor, disk or memory attributes of any one server.

In spite of all precautions failures do occur. In such a situation, it is important that your site comes back on line as fast as possible. Another reason why your site may go down is that you have messed up somewhere. This would usually happen just after you have updated your site. This is where a good support system plays its part. In such a situation, it is important to pin down exactly what the problem is. A good support staff can help you do that and rectify the problem fast. Again support should be available round the clock. Earlier, the only way to register a complaint would be to open a support ticket. Nowadays 24/7 online support is available with many providers. That is definitely a plus point, as problems can be spotted and taken care of faster.

It has been seen that Linux hosting is more reliable than Windows hosting. More than 90% of all websites are hosted on Linux servers. They are generally faster, more stable and often can run without stopping for years. However, even server software needs upgrade. A reliable web hosting provider will ensure that such upgrade goes off without a hitch.

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